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spread the word & share the love


Refer a friend to buy a La Marzocco Home machine and receive a £ 200 voucher* to spend on

what will your friend get?

make their day and let them pick one of these 3 giveaways:

home barista kit
linea mini set of wooden custom parts
set of gs3 wooden panels

Home barista kit including: knockbox, tamping mat, leveler top wood, counter brush, pitcher large, barista cloth set, screwdriver, airscape ceramic white.

The beautiful set of Linea Mini custom parts is available in walnut wood and includes: set of knobs, paddle, paddle cover.

GS3 wooden side panels available both in maple and walnut.

rules for #LMsharethelove

1. Fill out the form with your details and receive a code*.

2. Share it with your friend.

3. Your friend uses that code to purchase the machine and gets to choose one of the giveaways above.

4. You get a voucher* of £ 200 to spend on

the initiative has ended
Thanks for attending.

Vouchers are valid from the time of issue up to and including 31 December 2021.


1. Can I refer a friend even if I don’t own a La Marzocco Home machine?
Yes, you can

2. Do I still get the £ 200 voucher if my friend does not purchase the machine?
No, your voucher gets unlocked only if your friend purchases the machine

3. Is my voucher valid for multiple purchases?
You may share it with multiple friends but it is for one use only

4. Can I refer a friend from a different country?
No they have to be in the same country as you